AB Vector - BV-MR-LBD™

  BV-MR-LBD™ Cat. #S27
  BV-MR-LBD™ is a recombinant baculovirus which provides for high level expression of GST-tagged human Mineralocorticoid receptor (Acc# AAA59571) ligand binding domain (amino acids 604-984). A GST tag is fused to the N-terminus of the ligand binding domain of the receptor. The fusion protein is expressed under control of a very strong polyhedrin promoter using pAB-GST™ vector.
  A note for a potential collaborator. Mineralocorticoid receptor amino acid sequence encoded by BV-MR-LBD™ completely corresponds canonical NCBI sequence. However, during the Mineralocorticoid receptor cloning from human cDNA libraries we also obtained another clone which differs from the canonical sequence. Interestingly, it encodes KCSW insertion between G(633) and Q(634), which is similar to a KCS insertion in this position found in Xenopus laevis Mineralocorticoid receptor (Acc# Q91573). Human clone with KCSW insertion could be made available for collaboration.

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