AB Vector - Pricing

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  Pricing Policy
  AB Vector provides the highest quality cesium chloride-purified baculovirus vector DNA, which is the Gold Standard, and is laborious to produce (King L.A. and Possee R.D., The baculovirus expression system. A laboratory guide, Chapman & Hall, London, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Madras, 1992).

Nevertheless, we supply ProGreen™ and ProFold™-PDI baculovirus vector DNA below the price of the products offered by the competition.

ProEasy™, ProFold™-C1, and ProFold-ER1 vectors are sold at a higher price since the company has to justify the incurred R&D expenses and pay associated licensing and insurance fees.

AB vector reserves the right to change the pricing of its products at any time.

The prices shown are introductory and for US and Canada customers only. Additional charges are added by international distributors.