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  About Us
  AB Vector, founded in 2001, is a leader in the design and development of novel vectors facilitating protein folding. We are the only suppliers of a higher eukaryotic expression system synthesizing ensembles of molecular chaperones at the levels capable of assisting the proper folding of abundantly expressed foreign proteins. Our patented chaperone technology allows us to produce drug targets in a native conformation, e.g. Mineralocorticoid receptor in complex with Hsp90, which otherwise is not active and therefore is not commercially available from other suppliers. We offer practically complete inventory of therapeutically relevant steroid/nuclear receptors as GST fusions, i.e. in a form that is widely used in high throughput drug screening, such as LanthaScreen®, PolarScreen™, AlphaScreen® and LANCE™ ligand binding and coactivator peptide binding/displacement assays as well as in scintillation proximity assays.*
  Our mission is to provide innovative tools to facilitate the production of correctly folded biologically active proteins. We plan to serve a vital role in helping the scientific community to understand protein structure and function. To achieve that mission, our vision is to extend our technological leadership position to cover most of the aspects of protein folding in major cell compartments. Recently, we are diversifying into development of improved protein-based assays.
  Up to now, developments in the protein expression have been largely focused on improvements in convenience of generating recombinant clones and increasing the levels of protein production. We developed ProFold™, the first commercially available vectors facilitating protein folding in higher eukaryotic system. The main advantage of ProFold™ vectors is the overexpression of molecular chaperones in either the cytoplasm or the ER, which help to fold the protein of interest. We have tested our vectors with mammalian, yeast and plant proteins and observed significant improvement in yield of biologically active proteins compared to the same proteins expressed using conventional baculovirus vectors or E.coli. Dramatic improvements in target protein expression and biological activity was observed using multi-chaperone system specialized for folding Hsp90-dependent proteins.

Another advantage of ProFold™ vectors is a convenience of optimization of your protein expression system via green fluorescense. ProFold™ vectors provide for expression of Aequorea victoria green fluorescent protein (GFP). This allows monitoring of virus propagation, optimization of cultivation conditions, and titrating virus stocks by "terminal green dilution". It saves time and effort; no need for expensive baculovirus titration kits or specialized equipment. The only essential pieces required are the same 365 nm UV transilluminator and digital camera routinely used for ethidium bromide stained gels. In addition, you can count green foci of infected cells using fluorescence microscope or take advantage of the flow cytometry.

*LanthaScreen® and PolarScreen™ are trademarks of Life Technologies Corporation, AlphaScreen® and LANCE™ are trademarks of PerkinElmer.