AB Vector - BV-ADRA1A™

  BV-ADRA1A™ Cat. #GA3
  BV-ADRA1A™ is a recombinant baculovirus which provides for expression of untagged human adrenergic receptor alpha 1A (Acc# NP_000671).
  Official adrenergic receptor alpha 1A symbol: ADRA1A. Other aliases: ADRA1C, ADRA1L1, ALPHA1AAR.
  A PCR fragment encoding the full size Adrenergic Receptor alpha 1A was obtained from a human cDNA library and inserted into pVL1393 vector under control of a very strong polyhedrin promoter. All of the insert and insert/vector junctions were sequenced and the recombinant baculovirus was constructed using ProEasy™technology, which ensures generation of 100% pure recombinant baculovirus stocks.
  Note that the Adrenergic Receptor alpha 1A sequence encoded in BV-ADRA1A™ differs from the NCBI sequence (Acc# NP_000671) in that it contains two common polymorphisms, H58Q and E431Q.

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